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Reusabelles AIO in the NEW Summer Lovin’ Prints

Have you seen our new summer prints that launched last week?

The Reusabelles all in one is designed for the busy person who needs a grab and go nappy, no prep and straight on the bum! You don’t even need a seperate liner.

Designed to be simple, reliable and sustainable (only made in extremely limited numbers) the Reusabelles all in one is easy to use.

Key Features:

Soft tummy elastic - Great for tummy sleepers

Gentle internal double gusset - Containment

2000gsm - Super Absorbent

Natural Fibres - Less compression Leaks

Staggered Waist Poppers - Fully Adjustable

3 x 4 Rise Settings - One size fits most

Binding to the Legs - Leak Prevention

Microfleece Lining - Stay dry comfort layer

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