The Bells Bumz Family Stockists

Making cloth mainstream together

Bells Bumz nappies are only available via our Family Stockists. We made the decision not to sell directly to customers in order to fully support our stockists own small UK businesses. We can make the world a better place together.

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I'm Laura, married to Craig and mum to Rosa (3) and Saul (1) I worked previously as a midwife and left in 2018 to be a stay at home mum.


I started using cloth when Saul was 4months and thought it was such a shame that I'd never seen a cloth nappy ever as a midwife.


I started Baby of Mine to try and help people see that cloth is a modern option and show them all the benefits.

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Hi I’m Abbey and I own Fleecy Bums!

I’m passionate about all things cloth nappies related and making small changes to reduce our impact on the environment.

When I first began my cloth nappy journey with George I really struggled to find quality cloth nappies which I could afford on my reduced income.... and so Fleecy Bums was born.

I strive to provide my customers with a wide range of cloth nappy and accessories which are practical, affordable and in a range of designs to suit all tastes.

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My name is Louren and I am a work at home mom to Roman.
The Baby Tribe was created after I had Roman, I was really starting to worry about what we were leaving for our kids and future generations to deal with. The Baby Tribe’s main goal is to reduce plastic waste as much as possible by offering eco alternatives such as reusable items or items that can be recycled in a responsible way.

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Hi, I'm Siu-Mai (pronounced Sue-May!) and I run Charlton Pharmacy Eco.

My husband and I took over Charlton Pharmacy in Cheltenham pre-COVID, and whilst he takes care of the local community and their healthcare needs, I have been focusing on building our portfolio of eco-products both in store and online.

We have 3 small children who keep us very busy and I also work in the NHS as a manufacturing pharmacist.

Chloe first approached me last spring and it has been an absolute pleasure since Day 1 to be on this BellsBumz journey!

I am so passionate about protecting our planet and building up our small business has been the perfect way to help encourage others to do the same .

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Hi, I’m Alex & I run frog and bear. I am really passionate about our planet, ethics and superheroes! We started using cloth sporadically with my eldest but didn’t fully commit until we had our second son and it’s quickly become my favourite hobby & now business

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Hi I'm Helen from Bundle Of Love and I have been with Chloe from the start, I have watched her do amazing things and launch amazing products, and seen the hard work and determination that goes into making these nappies; taking on board customer feedback; tweaking the lines; adding new ones! And of course the wonderful way she looks after us retailers, supporting us and promoting us, as well as just being a generally lovely person to chat to! I have lots of nappies in stock as well as for pre-order, and offer loyalty points on every order, automatic bundle discounts when you buy any 2 or more items, and free delivery over £35! Payment plans are available and totally customised to your needs. I like to help! Hope to see you soon 

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I'm Rebecca, mum to one little cloth bum.  I knew I would use cloth before I was pregnant so I needed no convincing.  At that time I had no idea how vast the nappy market is.  Once baby arrived I began to love seeing the different types of nappies, chatting with other Mums and Dads and of course I love the beautiful prints.  I believein making cloth nappies accessible to everyone and aim to stock a range to suit every pocket. I help get people started with cloth via my blogs, helpful downloads and personalised advice.

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Hi, Im Tina, mum to two non sleeping little devils!

Until last year August I have worked in the aviation industry, and wore my wings with pride, but I knew I didn’t want to continue to fly after my maternity ended with the little one, and I have jumped on the option to go redundant.

After having my elder, I realised how much waste we generated with all the nappies ending up in landfill, and set off on a journey to find alternative solution for us. He was also dairy/soya intolerant which we didn’t know in the beginning, and the disposables just couldn’t handle the explosions.

I ventured into the cloth nappy world, but I was way too overwhelmed with all the types, I gave up twice. Then I started to experiment with all the brands and types I could get my hands on.

When I had the littlest, I knew I wanted to go all in with him, and the love for cloth nappies just grew with them, and the idea of creating an online store where I could offer our favourite brands we love on our boys, and offer advice became a reality last July :) and here we are now!

I work and support some amazing WAHMs, stock wooden toys, and eco products

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Hello, my name is Kirsty and I run Forest friendly, an eco-friendly shop based in Lydney, Forest of Dean Gloucestershire where I live with my 2 year old son and fiancée.

I sell all things eco friendly

Including: Wooden toys, Sensory playdough, Cloth Nappies, Children's clothes, CSP, Food and drink, Homecare, Bodycare and Pet products

The majority of my stockists are also independents so I know exactly where my money is going, and in turn yours. This means my margins are very low but my ethics far outweigh my profits.

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Hi I am Lorna, mother to a 18 month old boy and 6 year old girl living in rural Lincolnshire. I’m a cloth nappy fanatic and started the Nappy Den in lockdown when my job (producing children’s shows) could not continue. I’m passionate about helping people convert to cloth , I’m not an expert but I have loads and loads of first hand experience and have pretty much seen the good, the bad and the ugly in the area.  As well as shouting about Nappies I love to shout about Hip dysplasia and raise awareness of this condition my daughter has 



The Reusable Nappy Shop is an official Bells Bumz Family Stockist



It all started with the desire to use reusable nappies. I had my first baby when I was 19. No-one that I knew even had a baby, let alone used reusable nappies, so I just thought it was an impossible task.

Fast forward to my second (the big girl in the pic above) and I was 24 with a 5 year old and and 8 year old stepson to consider. I still didn't know anyone who cloth bummed.

When the third came along (the littlest lady in the pic) I dug my heels in. The older ones were all self sufficient enough (12 and 7 years old) and I was doing it! With some great advice and support from my lovely ladies at breastfeeding group - who to this day continue to support and encourage me daily - I gave it a go.

I caught the bug and immersed myself in books on fighting single use plastic and looked for ways to help reduce it. Something clicked and I felt the urge to push forward and help people in Swadlincote and the surrounding villages to cut their plastic waste too.



I'm Kitti a mom of a 18 months old little boy Benjamin.  Ever since I became a mother the environment awareness has become more important to me, which made me realize that using reusable nappies is one, yet a very big step towards living a more sustainable lifestyle.  I want to promote cloth nappies from birt and help other  parents on their cloth journey that's why me and my husband working very hard and Cute in Cloth birth



I'm a mum of 3 (Henry 11, Francesca 9 and Albert 4 months) currently on maternity leave. I've been on my eco journey for a couple of years. Albert is my first fully clothed baby - nappies and wash routines have come on so much since my firstborn! I set up mumzmarket on a complete whim towards the end of my pregnancy as I get bored easily and I thought it would give me something else to do when the baby arrived! 

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I’m Lorna founder of The Norfolk Nappy Company.

I’m a mum of two but didn’t find cloth nappies until my second child but quickly fell in love!  I have always been quite environmentally conscious but I was overwhelmed by the amount of disposable nappies I had used with my first child.  When I started looking into cloth nappies though it was so confusing and there were way too many options and so much conflicting advice!

I set out to make it easier.  Easy to choose, to know how to use them and to get advice when it doesn’t go quite to plan. That’s why a key part of my business is consultations to help and support families and make sure everyone has all the support they need. 

As my passion to help as many people as possible has grown I have also taken over the local nappy library which was shutting down.  As you can imagine it means my home is like a nappy launderette!

Between my family, home schooling (due to lockdown), working full time and the business there isn’t much time left over – I do love a good binge worthy Netflix/prime series and popping out for a drink or coffee when we aren’t in lockdown!

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Hey, I'm Matilda and I launched Dinky Dodo back in November 2019! My little boy is nearly 18 months old now and using cloth on him was what motivated me to start my business. My goal was to share my cloth love by providing a simple place to shop for your nappy needs - a good range of choice, without being overwhelming! I also wanted to bring new and exciting brands that weren't widely available already in the UK. Not only that but I know many people are aiming to make small eco swaps too, so wanted to make it easy to pick up some simple swaps alongside their nappies - eco living, wooden toys etc. I absolutely love having my little shop, and chatting to so many lovely likeminded people along the way too. And finally, a huge THANK YOU to every single person who has shopped with us, shared posts, told your friends about us - it is hugely appreciated and without all that Dinky Dodo wouldn't be where we are today. Also THANK YOU to the lovely Chloe for taking time to share ... all of the retailers



My name is Dorota - friends call me Dora. I am a first time mum to a 14months old little boy.
Long story short, when me and my husband started trying for a baby I was diagnosed with a cervical condition. We were told to stop with trying and have the surgery first. It was a real wake-up call to me. I started reading various articles and realising how unhealthy life I had and that it had a direct influence on my body and health issues. I started changing my habits, eating better quality food and gradually reducing usage of plastic as I think all of it has an impact on our wellbeing. On top of that I had a feeling I am doing something good for the environment.
A year later when I fell pregnant I just knew that I can't be using disposables with my baby. All the chemicals and plastic used in production were too much for me. I feared it's harmful for my son and for the environment. I educated myself and found out about reusable nappies and all the different options available.

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Hi I'm Beth, I run Real Nappy Life currently from my home with my 2 cloth bummed girls and their cloth bum dad. I'm hopefully opening the FIRST 'real' real nappy shop in South London very soon. We've just tested and approved the wonderful Bells Bumz nappies, and particularly love the fit and flexibility of the AI2 and the awesome night nappy. I'll have those, along with AIO's, nappy pails, wipes, wraps, inserts and boosters in stock by January.

WA Creations.jpeg


I learnt to sew when I was at school and with the help of my mum & Gran, I am where I am today. 

I am a mum of 4 beautiful children and 3 wonderful grandchildren, soon to be 4. I started making clothes for my grandchildren because my daughter wanted something different from the run of the mill ready to wear clothes.  So I decided to set up a facebook page and make to sell aswell.

I am working on new designs all the time so if you have anything in mind please message me and I'll do my best.

Larger sizes can be made upon request.


I make matching clothes for the Bells Bumz prints. I am also soon to be a stockist of bellsbumz cloth nappies and accessories, I will be bringing out my own design very soon!

Thank you for reading!

Wendy x

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Little Green Zebra is an online store with a family origin and constitution.

The Big Bang of our small universe was the birth of our daughter and, with it, the awakening to new routines, new concerns, new responsibilities. The focus changed.. the goal became to create with happiness... and thinking about the future is part of that...Trying to make the planet a little healthier (or less polluted) for our children is something in our hand and it is urgent that we do it.

Reusable diapers were the beginning for our family, just like they are for Little Green Zebra. After that we extend the will for sustainable habits and products to most varied areas of our life. And it is in this line of thought that our store arises.


As the family is the core of learning par excellence, it is in it that these sustainable habits should begin. It is there that we must educate our children so that one day our grandchildren will also use reusable diapers. Small changes, one after the other, make all the difference. 


Best Regards


Little Green Zebra



Hi I’m Amanda, I can normally be found playing in Edinburgh, full of beans and high on life. I’m Wifey to Craig, Mamma to Rebbl & Aura and owner of Pumpkin Brown.

I started Pumpkin Brown back in 2014 when I embarked on a plant-based diet to manage a chronic illness. The business started as an organic plant based cafe and then we added the eco shop, selling locally made plastics free items and later after Rebbl was born we stocked one brand of reusable nappies.

Fast forward to March 2020 when the cafe and shop were forced to closed I finally built the website and got online, setting up The Pumpkin Patch Facebook group soon after.

I am super passionate about a more sustainable way of life, reducing, recycling and reusing but also having fun! I feel so blessed to have such lovely engaging customers who fill my day with Pumpkin Post, stash shots and laughter!

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Hi my name is Kirsty and I run Maisie moos which was inspired by my own little girl (Maisie,1).
Before my pregnancy I was a private nanny and I have now gone back into education and training to become a midwife.

We started to use cloth nappies at home as Maisie’s skin was so sensitive (I never realised just how much chemicals etc are in disposables!!) and we have never looked back I definitely think it’s a bit of an addiction.

We first tried Bells Bumz hemp fitted nappy for over night after failing with multiple other brands and I don’t know what Chloe does to them but they are honestly magic. We then tried a variety of other products and knew we had to get on board and stock some of these fabulous nappies.

I love that Chloe only supplies small businesses like myself, so you know when you buy some of her beautiful products you are helping a small family unit like ours 

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Hi I’m Kate and I own HappiNappies. I’m mummy to a 5 year old and a 2 year old boy and expecting a third this year. I also own a hairdressers. 


I started HappiNappies after working with our local council to try and promote cloth nappies amongst other busy mums and show that they are accessible to everyone. 

Hopefully my page simplifies the vast range of nappies and types available, and makes the switch to cloth a little less daunting. We also plant a tree for every nappy bought from us. 


Kate Dawes

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Hi, I'm Laura and I run Kingdom of Fluff, a small family business based in Fife on the east coast of Scotland. 


Kingdom of Fluff was born in 2010, with the aim of spreading the cloth nappy love. 


We have 2 girls who were our inspiration for setting up shop, and although they are now 14 and 10 years old, they both still love to help out. 


We sell a range of well loved brands of nappies and accessories, plus some eco home-wares and skincare too.  With over 13 years experience, we are always happy to offer advice and support :)


‘I’m Claire and I run Fox and Marsh, as well as teaching yoga and looking after my one year old!


We’ve used cloth nappies since Neve was a month old, and we’ve been attempting a minimalist, low waste lifestyle for the past ten years as a family.


I stock cloth nappies, beauty and toiletries, homeware and cleaning products.

fox and marsh.jpeg


We are a new small business located in a small village in South Wales. 


I (Cerilyn) am mother to two little ladies, Alys (3) and Emily (19 months). Emily was the reason behind us starting up, from 2 weeks old she suffered from terrible nappy rash due to unknown allergies and disposables were just irritating it further. I saw an add for cloth nappies from a local big brand and took the plunge and have been addicted ever since! 


Characters of cloth started as I wanted more time at home with my girls, during the pandemic I was in work 6 days a week (electronics engineer NHS repairing ventilators etc). Our aim is to bring affordable quality cloth nappies and put them in one easily found place. 

characters of cloth.jpg