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Believe it or not there is no “right way” to wash nappies, there is only what works for you. Having said that there is a good cloth nappy wash routine we use that seems to help most people achieve clean cloth nappies, especially if they start having problems such as stains and smells. A good way to keep an eye on your nappies is to smell them whilst they are still wet after your main wash. However, if you would like a second opinion, advice or troubleshooting due to stinks and/or stains then please join our facebook group Cloth Nappy Nerds.

Please note that or cloth nappy washing routine guidance is from admin’s own personal experience and is followed at your own risk. You are responsible for checking the washing guidelines and warranty terms for your specific nappy brands. 

For our Wool washing and care guide click here.

For our detergent and loading guide click here. Including best detergents for washing cloth nappies.

For our clean and reset (how to strip and sanitise cloth nappies including how to bleach sanitise cloth nappies) instructions click here.

General rule of thumb;


- Non bio requires 60* for a good clean

- Bio can be used at 40* again 60* can also be used

- Prewash nappies every day or second day, if using night nappies then for the best clean a daily prewash of the previous days nappies and the night nappy you will have just taken off in the morning works well

- Prewash at 40 or 60 (60 is recommended if using night nappies), for at least 45 minutes with half dose of detergent and optional full dose of laundry booster such as vanish

- Main wash should be loosely full when dry or 3/4 full when wet. If you need to bulk this out to reach this volume do so with light coloured small items (smaller than a hand towel). You can stretch your main wash to day 4 if you are prewashing daily, although then for the best clean a 60 degree wash works well.

- Main wash should be at 40 or 60 degrees with a full dose of detergent, we do not recommend using a laundry booster in your main wash as this can cause excess suds. You are looking for a wash setting of around 3 hours or more that uses alot of water, eco settings tend to restrict water which doesn't give the best clean.

- Sun does not remove stains only bleaches the top layer leaving particles behind in lower layers of fabric.

- Micro fleece liners are good for keeping baby dry and also poop removal. Disposable liners are often useless for newborn as the poop usually soaks through.

- All pre weaning poo is water soluble and therefore can go straight into the wash no hand rinsing or poo removal necessary.

- All post weaning poo needs to be removed prior to prewash

Wash Routine Template

Download to save and edit. To print please select "shrink oversized pages" or "fit to page" so that it prints on one page of A4.

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