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Newborn to Potty Z Swap with Z Soakers

Newborn to Potty Z Swap with Z Soakers

Bells Bumz Newborn to Potty Z Swap Kit with Z Soakers - £199.99

The price of this kit includes postage direct to your door for both the initial size one nappies and then the swapped birth to potty nappies.


Included in the kit is:

10 size one z wraps and 20 size one z soakers 


These can then be returned within 6 months of purchase and swapped for 8 birth to potty pockets with 2 inserts in each (16 in total)


swap for 6 birth to potty Z wraps and 12 birth to potty Z soakers.


This newborn to potty swap kit allows you to to have a true birth to potty kit by simply exchanging your size one newborn nappies for birth to potty size within 6 months of purchase at no additional cost. The benefit of this kit is that you can use the size one nappies for up to 6 months from date of delivery and know you can simply return them to swap them for birth to potty size when your baby has grown. If you decide to keep the size one nappies and not swap them through the scheme, that is completely up to you.


Terms and Conditions 

• Prints will be randomly selected from in stock prints.

* Discount codes cannot be used to purchase this kit.

* Please email to confirm the return and swap.

* The buyer is responsible for paying the return postage of the newborn nappies directly to Bells Bumz. 

* Return postage is at buyers own risk and Bells Bumz recommends that buyers ensure that there is adequate insurance in place and that delivery is tracked.

* All 10 size one z wraps and 20 size one z soakers must be returned in order to be swapped under the scheme.

* All items need to be in clean and useable condition.

* The return form must be included.

* The items must be posted back to Bells Bumz up to 6 calendar months after date of delivery to be eligible for the scheme. Proof of postage date will be required.

* Include choice for swap in the return kit 

* Once the returned items are received, I will dispatch the birth to potty size items directly to your door at no additional cost.

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