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Why Choose Us

I wanted to talk to everyone about my vision for our children's future. First of all I have been in a position as a single mother where I was unable to afford cloth nappies for my son. It was very important to me that I used cloth nappies as he had lots of medical conditions and I was wavy of the chemicals in disposable nappies. The realisation that you can't afford to do something for your own child is absolutely devastating. I went through so many emotions and how I was letting him down that I wouldn't want to wish these feelings on anyone. I am a great believer that everyone should be able to afford to use reusable products if they choose and this does not mean lowering the quality or manufacturing working conditions. Why shouldn't you be able to provide the best without paying through the roof? 


Our Vision

My vision when I started Bells Bumz was to create comfortable, reliable, affordable cloth nappies and reusable products to protect the planet and its people now and for the future so no one is unable to afford reusable products for their children.

Our Mission

Bells Bumz Eco - Creating havoc against world waste for everyone.

Our Values

At Bells Bumz Eco our core values are at the heart of everything that we do




Optimal Reliability


Bells Bumz Eco Creating HAVOC against world waste for everyone

Bells Bumz Cloth Nappies and Accessories has Full UK registered design rights  with the intellectual property office for the majority of our products. This means that our registered products  will only be available under the Bells Bumz and Reusabelles branding as others companies are not legally allowed to replicate in anyway.

The Bells Bumz Cloth Nappy Range includes Newborn cloth nappies, Birth to Potty cloth nappies size and Junior Jumbo size cloth nappies and accessories for chunky babies or older toddlers. The Bells Bumz Junior Pull up cloth nappy is our largest fitting cloth nappy perfect for younger children. The Bells Bumz Eco UK affordability strategy means that there are always affordable options to help you switch to  modern cloth nappies. 

Bells Bumz Eco Cloth Nappies and Accessories UK have launched Bells4 Change which includes our new Bells Bumz Eco Grants alongside our affordability strategyNationwide Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme, other charitable donations (both in the UK and abroad), supporting Nappy Libraries and our warranty which includes an offer to repair and repurpose old cloth nappies, regardless of brand to give or raise funds for good causes.

If you wanted a trial kit with a full money back 30 day guarantee or a true newborn to potty swap kit have a read here.

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