UK Cloth Nappy Libraries

Bells Bumz supports UK Nappy Libraries by offering a special discount. Please contact us to enquire.

Cloth nappy libraries, which are usually run by volunteers of parents with babies of their own in cloth, are a great way to find out more about real nappies before committing to buying a set of your own. Some cloth nappy libraries run demo events to answer all your questions. If you wanted a Bells Bumz trial kit with a full money back 30 day guarantee or a true newborn to potty swap kit have a read here.

Cloth Nappy Council Incentive Schemes

Some local councils offer a Real Nappy Incentive voucher scheme to encourage the use of real nappies over disposables. Contact your local council for details of any schemes in your local area. Bells Bumz also offer the first nationwide UK Cloth Nappy incentive scheme here.