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Warranty Information

Bells Bumz Eco FAMILY Warranty


Bells Bumz Eco offers affordable cloth nappies and accessories whilst not compromising on quality of materials or workmanship. We have had very few warranty claims which is a testament to the longevity of our reusable nappies and accessories.


Bells Bumz Eco is committed to making cloth nappies and reusable products mainstream and ensuring our nappies are a truly sustainable alternative that can be reused from birth to potty and for some, who choose to do so, for multiple babies. Therefore, Bells Bumz offers a Family warranty for all reusable nappies (including the absorbency and water resistant layers) and wraps and for all other products whilst owned by the original purchaser (proof of purchase is required) as long as they have been subject to reasonable use (See terms and conditions below) and if stored between babies they are stored correctly in a breathable container (such as a pillow case) and in a temperate environment (such as a wardrobe not an attic or outbuilding).  The Bells Bumz Eco Family warranty covers failures and breakages that means your Bells Bumz Eco cloth nappy or accessory is no longer reusable and is in effect a lifetime warranty whilst the products remain in your family.

Bells Bumz is committed to making laundry not landfill. Bells Bumz offers to reuse, repair and recycle any unwanted/unused cloth nappies and accessories regardless of brand or condition, please contact us at to arrange donation of these, nappies from other brands that are able to be repaired and reused will be donated to good causes such as cloth nappy libraries, where nappies regardless of the brand are unable to be repaired and reused they will be recycled to raise money for cloth nappy libraries and other good causes through being turned into cloth nappy keyrings, bunting or other small products.

The warranty extends to all parts of the product such as fastenings, elastics and PUL. Bells Bumz Eco reusable cloth nappies and accessories are made to last although like all things they will eventually show signs of wear and tear. They will last longer if you take care of them properly. 

To claim under the warranty please email (please read full terms and conditions, including limitations below).


Warranty Terms and Conditions:

To claim under the warranty you must have followed Bells Bumz washing instructions:

• All Nappies and wraps including inserts/ boosters (anything used as a nappy) must have an initial pre-wash followed by a full wash. 

• For a "pre-wash" we recommend a heated 40 or 60 degree short 45 min - 1 hour wash with half a dose of detergent. For nappies that are on baby for 5 hours or more, such as overnight, we recommend this is a 60 degree wash and this includes both the absorbent part and water resistant part or wrap. We recommend using the highest spin speed available when using a front loader washing machine.

• For the "Full Wash" also known as the main wash we recommend you wash on a 40 degree (maximum 60 degree) cycle with full dose of detergent. A full dose is in accordance with the dosage instructions for your detergent and will vary depending on drum size and water hardness, always refer to the "heavily soiled" dosage for nappies.  We recommend if you are only doing your full wash every 3 or 4 days or if you are using non-bio detergent that you always wash at 60 degrees. We recommend that you make sure your washing machine is loosely full for your main wash (closed fist at the top) and use your longest cotton cycle (not eco). We recommend using the highest spin speed available when using a front loader washing machine.

• Use liquid or powder detergent, do not use ecover or similar detergents with low surfactants and high levels of soap.

• Tumble on low if needed but do not tumble anything with PUL (waterproof layer)

• Keep away from direct heat sources such as radiators

• Avoid nappy creams except those approved for cloth.


• Fabric softener should never be used.

• Using bleach will void the warranty.

For our simple wash routine click here.


The Bells Bumz warranty does not cover:

• Leaking - This is normally a fit or absorbency issue.

• An item where issues have been caused by improper care, abuse, misuse, normal fading or normal wear and tear of the product materials.

• Scratches or nicks that do not effect use, or cosmetic flaws

Nappies bought Pre-Loved/Second Hand​ (Does not include multiple babies in the care of the original purchaser)

• Nappies that are gifted as part of an incentive scheme or Bells Bumz Eco Grants scheme

• Odour issues, staining or Ammonia damage due to improper wash routine 

• Mis-care (prolonged soaking, using bleach or fabric softeners, leaving nappies outside for prolonged periods of time, leaving used nappies without washing)

• Shrinkage in natural fibres (organic hemp/bamboo-cotton will shrink- read product descriptions for more information)

• Accidental damage on shell (PUL delamination from high temperature washing, excessive sun damage through drying, tumble drying, holes and tears)

• Accidental damage on inserts (holes and tears including via non-compliant wash routines, washing above 60 degrees, soaking, using non cloth safe nappy barrier cream)

• Cosmetic flaws that do not effect the usability of the product

• Any type of modification such as repairs or alterations

• Usual wear and tear (pilling, snags, fading, staining, curling velcro, bobbling, loss of fluff over time, lint, gradual slackening of elastic over time, thinning of fabric over time)​

Colour run

• For Cloth Menstrual Pads: the above plus silicone beads adhesive wear (causing the beads to lift or come off the item).

Any product purchased that specifically says no warranty or exchange on that particular product. Any possible faults will be disclosed in the product page in this circumstance. These items will be identifiable from having a cut label for the majority of items. This includes purchsases from the MISFIT MARKETPLACE.

• Lost items.


We will replace with a new item any product that has been purchased within 1 year of the claim (from date of purchase not date of first use) unless you would prefer a repair. Where possible this will be with the same or equivalent product, where this is not possible the replacement will be of equal or higher value.

For items that have been purchased in excess of 1 year of the claim (from date of purchase not date of first use) we will repair it or replace with a fully functioning item in the same or better condition, this may include pre-loved items which have been sanitised in line with health and safety executive guidance or "perfectly imperfect" seconds items where the flaw does not effect use. When items are repaired, this is to make the product fit for purpose and able to continue to be reused, this may mean at times the repair may be cosmetically different to the original item (such as a different popper colour may need to be used which will not necessarily match, although we will always try our best).  Your repaired or replaced product will continue to be covered by our warranty as if it was your original purchase.

The definition of "Family Lifetime" is the lifetime of the product within the family/immediate household of the original purchaser, from the date of purchase either direct from Bells Bumz Eco or through our approved Bells Bumz Family stockists. It is not transferable so does not apply to "second hand" or "preloved" items, or when passed to extended family members. We are confident our products will last from birth to potty and also for multiple children within the same household, as such our Family Lifetime warranty is for at least 5 years from the date of purchase, we do reserve the right to disregard any claim in excess of 5 years. However, we will consider any and all claims made under the warranty as long as Bells Bumz Eco is still trading (which we hope will be for our Bells Families Lifetime).


Proof of purchase will be required for all warranty claims. The warranty does not cover any items that has been misused, neglected, modified or intentionally damaged. Bells Bumz Eco does not accept any responsibility for damage to accessories, clothing or any other thing in your surrounding environment as a result of using our products, for example, such as colour run. Bells Bumz Eco reserves the right to modify or change this warranty in the future.


All items will need to be returned to Bells Bumz at the expense of the customer to be inspected and considered under the terms of the warranty. 


Bells Bumz cover the cost to return the replacement item/s  to the customer if it's within 90 days of purchase. After 90 days, the customer will be responsible for covering return postage from Bells Bumz to the customer. 


Once your return is received and inspected Bells Bumz will either repair or replace the item(s) and send them back out to you immediately. Please note that replacements may be a different print/design to that of the original purchase depending of stock availability but will be of the same retail value. If an alternative product needs to be supplied, wherever possible this will be agreed between Bells Bumz and the purchaser.

Items repaired or replaced under the warranty will be covered under this warranty from the original purchase date (not the date the repair/ replacement was made). 


Bells Bumz decision on any warranty claim is final.

** All seconds items are sold in our MISFIT Marketplace to support the Bells 4 Change Schemes. All used but useable items returned under warranty are use to support the Family Lifetime Warranty and other Bells 4 Change Schemes. Any items returned but not useable will be repurposed in other ways, such as for fundraising by turning into bunting, cloth nappy keyrings or other items**

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