Reusabelles Fitted Nappy

reusabelles fitted nappy.jpg

The Reusabelles Fitted Nappy. 


Final version has the deep purple snaps and stitching but different label placement.

This Reusabelles fitted nappy has a side snap fastening and 4 x 3 rise settings.

Super soft and designed with hard water in mind, it stays soft wash after wash.

It is super absorbent, most will not need to boost overnight.

  • Nappy: 1 bamboo velour, 1 hemp and 1 white microfleece

  • Front opening pocket for boosting or for inserts if preferred

  • Insert 1: 4 layers 55% hemp, 45% cotton

  • Insert 2: 4 layers 70% bamboo, 30% cotton and 1 layer white microfleece

Adjust the size and the absorbency to suit your needs!

RRP £15.99