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It’s been hot off the press today with talks of a disposable nappy tax. Defra has been quick to come back and make it clear that there are no plans to add a disposable nappy tax.

I don’t think a disposable nappy tax would be the way to tackle the amount of waste generated from disposable nappies. When I think back to what was known as the period tax and the amount of campaigning that went into ensuring that period products were not called “luxury” items and were to be zero rated for tax as they were essential. The last thing I would want to see would be a tax, that always impacts the low income families the most, implemented for something as essential as nappies.

I think the way forward is government support for cloth nappy libraries throughout the U.K., government support to ensure all midwives talk with expectant parents about the benefits of cloth nappies and for comprehensive local government incentive schemes. EDUCATION AND CHOICE is an essential part of raising children.

Reusable menstrual products, reusable cloth nappies, reusable breast pads are simple and easy to use. They are effective and can be affordable.

My mission at Bells Bumz is to ensure that everyone can access reusable products. When I had Zachary by about 3 months in we had just about mastered full time cloth. Not sure how we managed as Zachary fed 24 times a day and never slept.

Then when we were due to go up to the next size, me and Zachary found ourselves to be just a family of two. This obviously had a massive impact on my financial situation. I found I couldn’t afford to buy his next size up? They were just so expensive, I was devastated. I was extremely fortunate to have help from family and friends.

This got me thinking, I can’t be the only one in this situation, surely people should be able to afford to cloth their babies cute little bums without breaking the bank?

So this has now led to Zachary’s Cloth Nappies & Accessories LTD aka Bells Bumz. My wish was to produce a well designed , good quality cloth nappy that people can afford. I have just expanded my range to include cloth menstrual pads and breast pads/ facial rounds to help make reusable mainstream.

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