Aid 2 Gambia

In 2013 myself and my parents decided on a holiday to Africa. We excitedly booked a safari and hotel and couldn’t wait.

On the run up I was reading about it and I came across how children couldn’t go to school if they didn’t have a pencil, how they used old tyres for shoes if they were Lucky. I wanted to help but didn’t really know where but I took it upon myself to pay for additional luggage another 50kgs to be precise and filled them with with school equipment and some little treats.

I can honestly say if you go to Africa and see first hand you will come away a very different person to the one who left home. Nothing and I mean nothing can prepare you.

We went to visit the masa Mara and handed out some of my little gift parcels there and when we got back to the hotel I knew some of staff had children so I handed some out to them. It was Christmas time and these gifts parcels were like a little party bag that included school equipment in. So say sweets, Pencil, rubber, ruler, yo-yo, note pad etc.

The next day and I swear I will never forget this moment for as long as I live one member came back to me and told me that my gift was the best present her child had ever had and she couldn’t thank me enough. I could honestly cry we are so lucky to have what we have. The moment when you understand just how much you take for granted and how something so small can mean so much.

Recently I have come across a charity AID2GAMBIA

(UK Registered Charity #1157962)

Who are asking for donations of cloth nappies. I will be donating a bundle but thought that we could help them further.

So what I think would be amazing is if you are able to donate the cost of a nappy and in exchange I will match.

So for every nappy cost covered they will get two

Nappies donated on behalf of Bells Bumz.

For every

£9.95 raised (they get 2 pockets)

£5.50 raised (they get 2 flats)

£7.99 raised (they get 2 wraps)

Fleece liners £7.95

Wet wipes £9.75

Mix inserts 2pc £4.50

Every donation counts. Thank you all so much for your support 💗

Please send donations friends & family to PayPal and mark “donation”

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