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Bells Bumz Charity Raffle

Hey everyone,

I wish to do a charity raffle on some of my products. If you wish to donate or buy a £1 raffle ticket head over to our Bells Bumz Nappy Chat group on Facebook and find the instructions on the pinned post.

I want to explain the reason why this charity is close to my heart. From the start of my Pregancy I knew I was high risk of Zachary having some genetic issues. From my traumatic labour where I was given incorrect medications that reacted badly with my calcium disorder, to emergency c section, intensive care after and then being called back to the hospital in a state of emergency due to Zachary’s extremely low calcium levels just 3 days later.

You see Zachary has inherited Hypoparathyroidism and hypocalcemia. This means that he is unable to convert vitamin D in a way that helps calcium absorption. Calcium does so much for the body that low levels can cause many serious complications.

So this was the start of many hospital visits, several times a week we were being rushed back and forth to the hospital. During this time I became a single mother without any support from Zachary’s father, had to put my house up for sale and wondered how I was going to get through this time in our lives. Unfortunately the government made matters worse as they were unable to offer me any financial aid either.

I feel rather emotional writing this as it brings back so many memories. I feel we lost out on that special time in our lives, not only is my son poorly but I can’t see how I’m ever going to mange his care, keep a roof over our head and provide for him all on my own. This was also the moment when I couldn’t afford to buy his next size up in cloth nappies and the reason why my prices are on the lower end as I do not want anyone to feel as I did then. I am extremely lucky to have such amazing friends and family.

I remember one time when we were, yet again at the hospital all day checking Zachary’s kidneys and I was in the restaurant having a coffee while we awaited his results. It was very busy, he started screaming, I couldn’t get him back in his pushchair, people were standing waiting for a table and I know this sounds like such a small thing but at that moment I felt like the entire world came crashing down on top of me and I just wanted to break down right there and then. I felt like like it was just too much and I couldn’t carry on. At this point I was so low as you can see by the pictures my skin was horrendous and I wasn’t very well within myself.

A lady from starlight charity called Sam came over to me with a little lion cuddly toy. She helped calm Zachary down, helped me with our belongings and just got me up and moving. Such a small thing but the relief I felt during that time was immense. They help children and their families to escape the routine and reality of treatments.

After then I spoke to them frequently and even emailed Sam. She sent Zachary a goodie box of toys for 1st birthday. So I wanted to give something back, for Zachary’s 1st birthday I arranged a raffle. I spoke to all of my local businesses and they were amazing in offering raffle prizes. We raised over £1200.

So for Zachary’s second birthday at the end of November I wanted to raise some more money to help them. Especially during this difficult time they will need all the help to continue their amazing work.

I can look back now and feel so proud of how far we have come. Unfortunately we are still regulars at the hospital but things have calmed down. His levels are relatively stable and he seems to be having less fits. So at this point in our lives we are very happy. I do want to say a massive thank you to Starlight for helping me during one of the most difficult times in my life, and also to my amazing friends and family as without them I doubt we’d of come out the other end so well.

I will be opening up a just giving page and also raffling off some nappies and goodies. I would appreciate everyone’s support on helping, even if it is just a share. Xxx

Please head over to our facebook group Bells Bumz Nappy Chat and find the pinned post for instructions.

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