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Family Lifetime Warranty

Bells Bumz Eco is committed to making cloth nappies and reusable products mainstream and ensuring our nappies are a truly sustainable alternative that can be reused from birth to potty and for some, who choose to do so, for multiple babies.

Therefore, Bells Bumz offers a Family warranty for all reusable nappies (including the absorbency and water resistant layers) and wraps and for all other products whilst owned by the original purchaser (proof of purchase is required) as long as they have been subject to reasonable use (See terms and conditions below) and if stored between babies they are stored correctly in a breathable container (such as a pillow case) and in a temperate environment (such as a wardrobe not an attic or outbuilding).  

The Bells Bumz Eco Family warranty covers failures and breakages that means your Bells Bumz Eco cloth nappy or accessory is no longer reusable and is in effect a lifetime warranty whilst the products remain in your family.

Bells Bumz is committed to making laundry not landfill.

Bells Bumz offers to reuse, repair and recycle any unwanted/unused cloth nappies and accessories regardless of brand or condition, please contact us at to arrange donation of these, nappies from other brands that are able to be repaired and reused will be donated to good causes such as cloth nappy libraries, where nappies regardless of the brand are unable to be repaired and reused they will be recycled to raise money for cloth nappy libraries and other good causes through being turned into cloth nappy keyrings, bunting or other small products.

The warranty extends to all parts of the product such as fastenings, elastics and PUL. Bells Bumz Eco reusable cloth nappies and accessories are made to last although like all things they will eventually show signs of wear and tear. They will last longer if you take care of them properly. 

To claim under the warranty please email (please read full terms and conditions, including limitations on the website

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