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With the current cost of living crisis and the rising number of children, young people and families living in poverty, we wanted to do something to help. 

We have decided to launch Bells 4 Change which includes our new Bells Bumz Eco Grants alongside our affordability strategyNationwide Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme, other charitable donations (both in the uK and abroad), supporting Nappy Libraries and our warranty which includes an offer to repair and repurpose old cloth nappies, regardless of brand to give or raise funds for good causes.

The Bells Bumz Eco Grants will be providing cloth nappies and other reusable cost saving products, such as cloth menstrual pads to those in need. We offer either a trial size (3 cloth nappies), part time (10 cloth nappies) or full time (20 cloth nappies) kit and/or a trial size (6 cloth menstrual pads) or full pack (15 cloth menstrusal pads) under the grant.

To apply for a Bells Bumz Eco Grant you will need live in the UK and ask for a frontline professional to make the application for you (such as your midwife, health visitor, key worker, domestic abuse refuge support worker, homeless support worker, housing support worker, family hub/centre worker, family support worker or social worker) from a recognised professional email address. We will only accept applications from frontline professionals:

1) who are working directly with the children or young person (or adult if in respect of cloth menstrual pads)

2) have carried out at least one home visit

3) have made a full assessment of the children's or young person's needs (or adult in respect of cloth menstrual pads).

4) will be working with the family or young person for a minimum of 3 months to ensure they receive support with using and washing the cloth nappies or cloth menstrual pads.

How to Apply:

Please email with the following information:

  • Your full name, role and contact details including telephone number

  • Signed consent for the parent/carer or young person with their full postal address including post code and contact telephone number for the person/ family or details of their consent if this is provided verbally.

  • State whether you wish to apply for a trial/part time/ full time cloth nappy starter kit and/or trial / full cloth menstrual pad kit. Please note, some items may be "perfectly imperfect" seconds quality items but will still be fit for purpose.

  • State whether the family/person would accept preloved items in their kit that have been sanitised to health and safety executive standards in line with Public Health England.

  • Confirm that you meet the criteria, amend/delete as appropriate:

1) you are working directly with the child or person 

2) you have carried out at least one home visit

3) you have made a full assessment of the child's or person's needs, which includes a financial assessment that evidences they are in need of a Bells Bumz Eco Grant

4) you will be working with the family or young person for a minimum of 3 months to ensure they receive support with using and washing the cloth nappies or cloth menstrual pads

  • Please do not attach any confidential documents to the email but if you can include a short summary of why the Bells Bumz Eco Grants would benefit the family/person this will support your application

If the application is successful, you will need to:​

  • support your family/person to care for and wash their products until they are confident to do so alone.

  • complete an evaluation survey

  • Should your family/person no longer have need of the items we would appreciate you contacting us at to arrange a return.

Please note: Bells Bumz Eco have limited packs available each month under the grant scheme and as such not all applications will be successful. All applicant organisations must ensure that they have the necessary consent to apply for the scheme, all applicant information and applications meet the Safeguarding and Data Protection Policies of your organisation and that any safeguarding issues pertaining to the applicant are duly considered. Applicant organisations must take all reasonable steps to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected in the delivery of their work. You can read our privacy policy here.

Our MISFIT Marketplace raises funds to support the Bells 4 Change Schemes

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