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Updated: Nov 12, 2022

LIVE NOW! Zacharys Birthday Mystery Bundles are available now on the website!

Newborn, birth to potty and Junior size available! Choose for £25 for £50 worth or £50 for £100 worth!

The Bells Bumz Affordability strategy is at the heart of our business, so we will always continue to offer our high quality products at affordable prices.

With the launch of Bells 4 Change that includes our Bells Grants to support those in need, our family lifetime warranty and our Cloth Nappy incentive scheme and the period incentive - the first nationwide schemes for the U.K. I designed Bells 4 Change not to generate profit for Bells as my mission is to encourage new people to give cloth a go and this money, alongside sales from our misfit marketplace, is ring fenced to support the longevity of Bells 4 Change.

Bells continues to donate to nappy hire kits and libraries in the U.K. and good causes abroad as well as offering a competitive discount to libraries.

We will be launching a Big Boy Birthday Celebration to honour Zacharys Birthday as we do every year. It will be available from participating Bells Bumz Family Stockists from the 14th of November until midnight 1st of December. This celebration is at the heart of Bells as we hope that everyone, especially those new to cloth, thinking about giving cloth a go and those who apply for the incentive scheme can benefit from these discounts.

As a single mother who has been unable to afford to buy nappies for my son I never want anyone else to feel the way I have. With the current cost of living crisis, we have to do our part to help.

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