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Colour Friday in the MISFIT Marketplace

🌈 Colour Friday is almost here 🌈

This year I'm joining with @hollytucker who is supporting small businesses as she knows us small businesses aren’t able to compete with big corporate 70% off sales!

I'm doing what I can to help those who would like to give reusable products a go with our Zacharys Big Birthday Sale with our Bells Bumz Family Stockists 14 Nov - 1st Dec plus the amazing Zacharys Birthday Mystery Boxes at 50% off rrp available direct on the website!

For colour Friday I will my uploading even more MISFITS to our MISFIT Marketplace so please do have a browse!

Remember that as a customer you have a choice about where you make your purchases, which businesses you support. Here at Bells every single like, comment, share and purchase means the world to us.

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