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Bells Bumz Cloth Nappies and Accessories has Full UK registered design rights  with the intellectural property office for the majority of our products including the innovative Z Swap Cloth Nappy system which includes our Z Soakers, Z Wraps (and Junior Jumbo Size Z Wrap+), Fitted Cloth Nappy (including Junior Jumbo Size Fitted Cloth Nappy)All in One Cloth Nappy and All in Two Cloth Nappy. This means that our registered products  will only be available under the Bells Bumz and Reusabelles branding as others companies are not legally allowed to replicate in anyway.

The Bells Bumz Cloth Nappy Range includes Newborn cloth nappies, Birth to Potty cloth nappies size and Junior Jumbo size cloth nappies and accessories. The Bells Bumz UK affordability strategy means that there are always affordable options to help you switch to  modern cloth nappies.


Variety is the spice of life so we have something for everyone. From newborn / size one Pocket Nappies, birth to potty and junior jumbo pocket nappies through to birth to potty and junior fitted nappies and wraps.


We have a range of All in one cloth nappies and All in two cloth nappies, including our premium Reusabelles range of cloth nappies and reusable wraps and our innovative Z Swap cloth nappy system which is a true all in two cloth nappy using our Z wrap and Junior jumbo size Z wrap+. For people who prefer to use flat and terry nappies we have our Bamboo Flats Cloth Nappies and double hemp boosters for heavy wetters that have a stay dry coffee fibre fleece lining. You can also find a wide variety of inserts for your cloth nappies to allow you to fully customise the absorbency of your cloth nappies and a range of accessories such as reusable cloth wipeswet bags, pods and nappy pails.

If you wanted a trial kit with a full money back 30 day guarantee or a true newborn to potty swap kit have a read here.

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Chloe Bell

Hi, my name is Chloe Bell and my little boy is called Zachary. Here is the back story to me and my brand.


Sometimes it’s hard to put into words why and how on certain subjects. It’s also hard to talk about yourself and certain obstacles in life you have over come but Il do my best.


I was told at the age of 28 that even with IVF it’s highly unlikely that I would be able to carry a child of my own. This news devastated me. I have severe stage 4 endometriosis, Hypoparathyroidism, Hypocalcemia amongst a few.


So when I became pregnant at 33 this then opened up a world of emotions. Excitement, and being petrified were amongst the strongest. I was classed as high risk and also told there was a chance Zachary would not make it or he could inherit some of my genetic conditions. So immediately I started researching everything I could think of. 


The one thing that stood out were the chemicals in disposables and how these leach into your babies skin. This horrified me so I decided to look into cloth.  I was determined to use cloth nappies from day one. This didn’t happen perfectly we managed half and half as I had a very traumatic labour. 


After some trial and errors by about 3 months in we had just about mastered full time cloth. Not sure how we managed as Zachary fed 24 times a day and never slept. 18 months in and the naughty little sausage still doesn’t sleep. 


Then when we were due to go up to the next size, me and Zachary found ourselves to be just a family of two. This obviously had a massive impact on my financial situation. I found I couldn’t afford to buy his next size up? They were just so expensive, I was devastated.  I was extremely fortunate to have help from family and friends. 


This got me thinking, I can’t be the only one in this situation, surely people should be able to afford to cloth their babies cute little bums without breaking the bank?


So this has now led to Zachary’s Cloth Nappies & Accessories LTD. Or as you will all know me by the “Bells Bumz” brand. My wish was to produce a well designed , good quality cloth nappy that people can afford. I hope you love them as much as we do.

Find out more about me, Zachary and our infrequently asked questions here.

We have a contact us and FAQ section on the website here.

Why Choose Us

 • We are a UK brand and all our products are designed from my home in Leicester, drawing on our own experiences – we only supply products we are happy to use on little Zachary himself

• We source the highest quality materials to produce the best performing products at affordable prices. Safety tested and ethically made in China.

• Our nappies and accessories are easy to use, have great designs and, most importantly, are super comfortable for your baby

• Environmentally friendly – cloth nappies can be used over and over again, reducing the raw materials, energy, and landfill waste associated with disposables

• Wherever possible our products are delivered by road or rail to minimise our carbon footprint

• They save you money - cloth nappies are cheaper than disposables in the long-run

• We are a family run business who take pride in delivering excellent customer service


Love from everyone at BellsBumz, especially little Zachary himself xx